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Pre-selected for the "Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges" in 2021, winner of the 2020 'GO' program (young talents' program in Normandy, France) and supported by Le Cargö (a labeled performance hall in Caen, France), Bison Chic is an electro-organic french pop project inspired by the "nouvelle scène française", but not only: Sébastien Tellier, Voyou, Feu! Chatterton but also Patrick Watson, Sigur Ros, Joseph Schiano di Lombo are some of the references.


At the origin of his former projects Born in Alaska and Bye Bye Léone, Alex Grouldinsky, a.k.a 'bison', can be portrayed as somehow sad and joyful clown. He made his first steps on stage at the age of 15 at Le Normandy in Saint-Lô. A confirmed melodist, he likes to collaborate with people who feed his inspiration. Behind Alex, there is also 'L'Ombre de Chic', the visual artist and his collages that now have a nice community of followers on Instagram.


For this new project, he has worked with Maxime Lunel (ex- In the Canopy - FAIR 2016 winner, co-founder of Hanami, musician of Yadam and producer for Annabella Hawk) for the arrangements, recording and production of his first EP at Studio Mastoïd in (Paris), co-mixed by Perceval Carré. 


The project is soon joined by Harmo Draüs (arrangements, voice, synths, guitar). In mid-2020, this core of 3 musicians recruits Valentin Barbier on drums (member of Indigo Birds and musician of Annabella Hawk).


The eponymous first EP of Bison Chic will be released late 2021 and was co-produced with Lilie's Creatures record label.

Photo Credits: © Emi Hope / Collage: L'Ombre de Chic

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