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Annabella Hawk is a burgeoning solo project, winner of the 2019 'Start' program (young talents' program in Normandy, France) and winner of the 2020 Beauregard Festival's John's Session springboard. She makes nu-Soul music that refreshes the genre: a Soul voice, a culture of sampling, a somewhat Hip-Hop flow and electronic and Trip-Hop accents. Like an open book, Annabella's universe unfolds questioning the world and those that cross her path through sincere lyrics.

The project was born when she was 15 and met  Julien Cottereau, a French clown-mime, who encouraged her to develop it. She has made a quite strong experience of the stage, by herself and as a band, during studies at the School of Fine Arts in Caen.


Her work is the result of encounters and collaborations, in particular with beatmakers Don Load and Kiper Sonus on the production of the tracks she released in March and April 2020, musician Ben Silver on some compositions or rappers Jyeuhair and Hit L'Agité on featurings. In 2019, she also performed the Hip-Hop group COEFF (Caen, Normandy) on their album 'X-Files' and their local tour.


Annabella Hawk now performs on stage with Valentin Barbier (drums and pads) and Arthur Huiban (synths and guitar).

Photograph : © Emilie Rouellé 

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