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  • Organization for the support of artists

  • Associative record label

  • Events / Festival

From the relationship between visual culture and music, which has always fascinated Harmony Suard, comes the desire to create an organization that would support artists, an associative record label and multidisciplinary events with live music, performances, visual arts and installations.


Lilie's Creatures is an association that aims at developing and promoting the activities and identities of local emerging artists from all disciplines in Normandy, with exceptional multidisciplinary events.


The collective organization gave birth to the creatures of " Lilie ", the avatar of a brilliant young woman who left too young and too early, for each event. In a psychedelic, colourful and tangy universe, these creatures of day and night deliver ephemeral performances that breathe life back into this eternally young and free soul.


LILIE'S CREATURES - AUTUMN FESTIVAL is a multidisciplinary festival which is built with a group of local artists, technicians and scenographers. It first took place in a church in Caen (Église Saint-Sauveur) on Halloween weekend, in 2019, and gathered music, visual arts and performances. This first edition was a success. 

Lilie's Creatures had planned a second edition in 2020 and had decided to work on an innovative alternative proposal because of the COVID crisis. Unfortunately, due to the consequences of this crisis, the project of Festival in all its forms has been put on hold. Lilie's plans to relaunch the festival in 2022.


Since 2020, the association focuses on the development of artists via its associative record label by producing the first EP and the first clip of Bison Chic, as well as the first EP of Annabella Hawk, and supporting live residency for French artist, Katel.