WDNH offers different services, types of support and counselling for the artists :

COUNSELLING & SUPPORT : the first meeting is free

  • Evaluation

  • Follow-up of the planning

  • Development of strategies

  • Development of the image and identity of the artists

  • Help structuring a career 

  • Follow-up of the budgets

  • Connections with the local and national organizations, societies and companies

  • Connections with creative talents

  • Registration to the SACEM


  • Submissions of grant requests

  • Press kits

  • Sponsoring and partnership files

  • Marketing and media plan 

  • Business plan


  • Prospection of music supervisors, agencies and broadcasters

  • Audiovisual and event sync requests, license requests to customers for use in film, television, radio and other media


  • Support and management of the artists' career

  • Advisement, counselling, recommendation

  • Negogiation of artistic and financial deals with the artists' partners

  • Supervisions of agreements and contracts with the partners

  • Protection and representation of the artists' rights and interests before the partners and the collective rights societies

  • Actions and decisions with regard to the artistic project, the releases, presentation, performances and distribution

  • Help with the artist-in-residence programs


  • Development and management of a catalogue, rights and royalties

  • Constant and monitored exploitation of the works

  • Ensuring favourable conditions for exploitation on TV, radio and other media

  • Creation of compilations and playlists

  • Prospection of record companies and performers for authors and composers


  • A&R, talent scouting

  • Marketing development

  • Prospection of partners such as recording studios (recording, mixing, mastering)

  • Help with funding and grant requests 

  • Follow-up of the budgets

  • Production follow-up

  • EPs and LPs' manufacturing follow-up