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Who is this young and tousled wolf with a British look and Persian eyes? Barely in his twenties, Paul-Loup was raised in Caen, Normandy. In his headphones, you will find Damon Albarn, Alain Bashung, Vald, Jorrdee, David Bowie, PNL, Julian Casablancas, The Clash, Bob Dylan, Neil Young.


Paul-Loup lives with his time but carries with him a bewitching anachronism. From a young Dylan, he bears a small resemblance ; from a Bashung, he has kept the writing, the style, the love of words, alliterations and sounds of his mother language. He hangs around the city, exploring the common and the strange, love and hatred, as he would in a wasteland.


Dandy-punk, with his deep, suave and hoarse voice, he shocks and rubs the words and notes in search of a poetic spark, with his own fieriness and diction inherited from his many years as singer-guitarist of Kold Fever, his former band. He is one of the spokespersons of a young and talented generation of musicians and artists from Caen, closely followed and supported by the local aficionados.

Photographie : © Calypso Grossi

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